Project introduction

The project of shippers and ocean going freighters is of positive significance to expand bilateral trade between China and Russia, and will fully promote the cooperation and development of Northeast Asia. The direct shipping route of the project is: Yingkou port of China - Petropavlovsk port of Kamchatka, which enjoys the exclusive right to operate the ocean going freighter route; the direct shipping cycle is about once every 45 days; each ship is 20000 tons, with about 1100 containers.

Russian supplies to China are mainly grain, beans, feed and seafood. The main categories of materials transported from China to Russia are: building decoration materials, construction machinery, electronic equipment products, lamps, toys, office furniture, household appliances, daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, etc.

The main companies in charge of chuantongren and ocean going freighter project are: Arctic Ocean Group (established in Kamchatka, Russia, responsible for the business of the project in Russia), chuantongren and (Yingkou) modern supply chain Co., Ltd. (established in Yingkou Free Trade Zone, China, responsible for the business of the project in China).

The operation of shippers and ocean going freighters will bring huge social benefits. Increase local jobs, with the development of business, will drive the development of other local industries, will also contribute to the local tax revenue and economic construction!

Company news